The Origins

By transforming vintage blazers into oversized, timeless classics for the modern woman, Juliette Janssen established Vestito in 2021.

What inspired the creation of Vestito, and how did you conceive of the brand's concept?

The idea for Vestito was born out of a desire to create a one-of-a-kind blazer that would stand out for its high quality and uniqueness. As a lover of well curated vintage clothing, I saw an opportunity to breathe new life into timeless garments. I wanted to design a line of reworked vintage blazers that could be worn across different seasons and occasions, and that reflected my own personal style and sensibilities. This concept of timeless, trans-seasonal fashion continues to inform and inspire the Vestito brand to this day.

What inspired you to start a sustainable label?

I noticed that vintage clothing often had beautiful fabrics and excellent craftsmanship, but was often overlooked due to its dated appearance. I saw an opportunity to reinvent these vintage pieces into modern and stylish blazers that could be worn across different seasons and occasions. Additionally, I became increasingly aware of our collective shopping behaviour and the constant need to buy new clothes. I wanted to offer a sustainable alternative to the fast fashion industry that encourages consumers to cherish and value clothing that already exists.

As a trans-seasonal brand, how do you navigate the changing demands and expectations of the fashion market?

We try to navigate the changing demands and expectations of the fashion market by focusing on timeless designs that can be worn year-round. We prioritise the use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship to create blazers that are durable and can withstand the test of time. By reworking vintage blazers into modern designs, we offer a sustainable alternative to fast fashion trends that are quickly discarded. Our commitment to quality and sustainability allows us to stay true to our mission while still remaining relevant in the ever-changing fashion industry.

What is Vestito's mission?

Vestito is on a mission to offer classic, high-quality blazers for the modern woman who values conscious consumption and a more sustainable approach to fashion. Our philosophy is centered on the idea of "less but better", where we create timeless pieces that are meant to be cherished and worn for years to come. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products we create, as we strive to promote mindful consumption and inspire a more conscious approach to fashion.

How is it to have your own small fashion company?

Having my own small fashion company has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. It allows me to express my creativity through the passion project that Vestito is. Working closely with customers and creating something unique and seeing it come to life is the most amazing feeling. It is a lot of hard work as I'm working full time as a digital marketer, but the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that comes when I see someone wearing Vestito is unparalleled.

Where do you find the inspiration for new designs?

Design inspiration can come from anywhere. From the people I see on the streets of Antwerp to the magazines I read, Pinterest browsing, conversations with my seamstresses. New ideas are always floating around in my mind. These sources, both big and small, come together in the designs I create for Vestito.


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