About us

Founded by Juliette Janssen in the city of Antwerp in the summer of 2021, Vestito is an exclusive upcycling brand offering a curated collection of limited, timeless, and responsibly reworked vintage men’s blazers into one-of-a-kind pieces tailored for women.

Juliette, with start-to-finish control, personally curates each blazer, kickstarting the design process. Our collaboration with a dedicated atelier in Amsterdam, where every piece undergoes careful hand reworking, serves dual purposes. Not only does it ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship, but the atelier also functions as a social workplace, harmonizing perfectly with our social values.

What sets Vestito apart is our dedication to exclusivity. Every blazer we offer is one of a kind, meaning you won't find another person wearing the same design. At Vestito, we craft stories, breathing new life into every piece.

Our commitment to responsible entrepreneurship goes beyond just creating beautiful garments. By upcycling men's blazers into oversized pieces, we are driven by the desire to extend the lifespan of beautiful pieces that already exist, closing the cycle of overproduction. We avoid new production, opting instead to use existing, high-quality fabrics.